Program Goals

The Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program is a large scale restoration program designed to:

  • Restore Sierra forests and watersheds to a healthier state
  • Reduce the risk and consequences of large, damaging wildfires
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions and stabilize carbon storage
  • Improve and protect air quality
  • Improve and protect the quantity and quality of water available year-round
  • Improve habitat for wildlife, fish, and plant species
  • Improve local socio-economic conditions and public safety
  • Preserve working landscapes

The primary goal of the Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program is to restore the Region that is the source of more than 60 percent of California’s developed water supply. We aim to do that by increasing the pace and scale of restoration activities across the Sierra Nevada.

View the web story to learn more about the progress made to date here.

Review the guide for the overall Watershed Improvement Program here:

Key Focus Areas for the Watershed Improvement Program

1. Increasing Investment:

Opportunities to establish more reliable funding sources for restoration in the Sierra exist, but we need coordination among federal, state, and local agencies and private partners.

2. Addressing Policy:

We need to address a number of policy-related barriers in order to restore our forests and watersheds to a healthier state.

3. Increasing Infrastructure:

We need more wood and biomass processing infrastructure in the Sierra Nevada to achieve Watershed Improvement Program goals.