Author: wpadmin

Regional Strategy

DRAFT Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program Regional Strategy now available

The Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program Regional Strategy is now available for public review and comment. The Regional Strategy identifies key information, trends, plans, efforts, and data for major categories influencing watershed health, as well as the process and timeline for implementing the WIP.

Key activities include:

  • assessing watershed restoration needs across the Sierra
  • increasing investment in the Region
  • addressing policy issues to ensure the implementation of needed restoration projects and the infrastructure needed to support such efforts.

The SNC and the USFS Region 5 will act as the primary coordinators of the WIP and partner activity. However, given the scope and scale of this program, your participation will be critical which is why we are reaching out to you, the Region’s stakeholders, to provide your feedback on the WIP Regional Strategy.

The comment period is open until March 18, 2016. Please send comments to