$10 million invested

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy (SNC) has invested nearly $10 million since December 2015 into projects that support the goals of the Sierra Nevada Watershed Improvement Program. Better forest health is a primary goal identified in a variety of SNC plans and programs, as projects that create or improve forest conditions result in a combination of multiple watershed and ecosystem benefits, including:

  • Improved water quality, reduced erosion, and improved water yield
  • Reduced likelihood of high-intensity fire and the negative consequences of such fires
  • Protecting and enhancing natural resources and habitat
  • Assisting the regional economy through increased restoration efforts
  • Improved air quality, contributing to increased carbon sequestration, stable carbon storage, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions
  • Support for collaborations that create and implement projects to improve forest health

Thirty-two projects have been funded so far through the SNC’s Proposition 1 Grant Program for both on-the-ground implementation and planning projects. Grantees include fire safe councils; national, statewide, and local nonprofits; land trusts; resource conservation districts; irrigation districts; state agencies; local governments; and Joint Powers Authorities.

Proposition 1 is the The Water Quality, Supply, and Infrastructure Improvement Bond Act of 2014, passed by California voters in November 2014. A total of $25 million was allocated to the SNC for multi-benefit water quality, water supply, and watershed protection and restoration projects for the watersheds of the state.

For more information on these projects and the SNC’s Proposition 1 Grant Program, visit www.sierranevada.ca.gov.